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We are a flexible, mobile, Hobart – based conveyancing service that aims to provide affordable, convenient, and professional service to Tasmania. With professionalism, guidance, and communication at the heart of the business model, Tas Conveyancing will assist you through your property transaction. Tas Conveyancing will tailor your experience to suit your needs.

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To assist in your sale we:

  • Prepare the contract of sale (if required);
  • Review and provide advice prior to you signing your sale contract to ensure you are fully informed and covered legally – we recommend that even if a contract has been prepared for you by a Real Estate Agent or other party that you seek advice as to whether it meets your specific needs before signing;

  • Monitor conditions of the contract to ensure purchasers meet their obligations within the time allowed for doing so and handle extension requests if they arise;
  • Undertake the required searches on the property;
  • Assist with preparation of a Discharge of Mortgage Authority for your bank. We also liaise with your bank on other matters to ensure that they can meet the settlement date;
  • Arrange execution of the Transfer document and assist you in answering Requisitions of Title from the purchaser;
  • Draft documentation to prepare for settlement;

  • Book, manage, and attend your property settlement, ensuring that the settlement date coincides if you are also purchasing a property;
  • Pay out any outstanding rates, land tax, and body corporate amounts due from settlement monies;
  • Assist with your obligations to the Australian Tax Office regarding CGT withholding;
  • Complete required tasks for the Australian Tax Office regarding payment of GST if required in your transaction; and
  • Liaise with TasWater regarding change of ownership post-settlement.

To assist in your purchase we:

  • Draft or review contracts and advise you before signing on any legal implications;
  • Guide you to meet and monitor your conditions of the contract within the specified timeframes for doing so and, when required, seek extensions of contract clauses;
  • Undertake the required legal searches to ensure your new property is fit for transfer without hidden surprises after settlement, review search results, and provide you with a copy;
  • Prepare transfer documentation and lodge a Priority Notice over the title to protect your interest in the property;
  • Liaise with your bank to coordinate the provision of finance if applicable;
  • Draft appropriate documentation regarding the State Revenue Office and Australian Tax Office (where applicable);
  • Book, manage, and attend settlement, ensuring that the settlement date coincides if you are also selling a property;
  • Attend to the stamping of the transfer and title registration (where no bank is involved); and
  • Monitor registration and provide you with a copy of your new Certificate of Title and maintain a free safe custody service for holding Certificates of Title where there is no Mortgagee.