Did you know about SEARCHES?

Often people who are selling, but more often those who are buying, are confused when they see a conveyancing quote.

Where ever you go for conveyancing services you will be charged for disbursements on top of the amount for professional fees. These disbursements are the standard search and registration fees that are part of the conveyancing process.  They are charged by Government departments and other third party organisations that provide the reports and search results for the property being sold or purchased. Some of the searches are mandatory and some are strongly recommended.  You can opt to do extra searches if you are concerned about anything in particular about the property that will not be covered in the standard searches.

On this financial year’s fee schedule the searches and registration fees for a standard purchaser are approximately $800.00 inclusive of GST plus Stamp Duty. The current searches and registration fees for a standard seller (vendor) are between $100.00 – $310.00 inclusive of GST.

Therefore, when considering pricing for conveyancing services you should focus on the cost for professional fees as they are the fees that vary from firm to firm and not the disbursements.

Speak to Caitlin if you have any concerns or questions about  search and registration fees or check out the Pricing page for a break down.

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