CONVEYANCING FEES (scroll to the right if using a mobile device)

Professional fees (including GST) $1,100.00    
Disbursements* (including GST)       
 Title Search (mandatory) $36.30    
 Council Rates Search (mandatory) $54.45    
 Land Tax search (mandatory) $13.61    
 Land Titles Office Administration fee (mandatory) $2.35   
Bank cheque and registration fees (if applicable)      
 Discharge of Mortgage fee $174.90    
 Bank cheque fee  $12.00    
Professional fees (including GST)  $1,265.00    
Disbursements* (including GST)       
 Title Search (mandatory) $36.30    
 Council Rates (mandatory) & 337 Searches (recommended) $294.93   
 Land Tax search (mandatory) $13.61    
 Mines & Landslip search (recommended)  $66.00    
 Tas Water search (recommended)  $45.38    
 Bankruptcy search per Vendor (recommended) $30.00    
 Easement search (if applicable) (recommended) $36.30    
 ASIC Company search (if applicable) (recommended) $19.00    
 Land Titles Office Administration fee (mandatory) $2.35   
Bank cheque and registration fees      
 Transfer registration fee    $216.15       
 Priority Notice registration fee $27.40    
 Bank cheque fee   $12.00 

* Search fees are set and charged by third party organisations and generally increase incrementally each 1 July.

Stamp Duty – calculated on the greater of the sale price and the Government Valuation (you may be eligible for a concession – ask us for a free calculation)

All settlements incur a settlement agent fee of $100.00.

A contract drafting fee of $165.00 (including GST) will be charged where applicable.

Non-standard property transactions (for example, Lost Title Applications and Schedules of Easement drafting for Subdivisions) will be charged at an hourly rate of $220.00 per hour (including GST).